Don’t believe the false attacks, believe the FACTS

The FACTS on taxes and revenue:

  • Reagan Dunn has voted against more tax increases than any other member of the King County Council
  • As The Seattle Times put it when they endorsed Reagan Dunn, “In his eight years on the council, Dunn, 42, has been a vote for caution on taxes without being anti-tax as such. He has voted no on property taxes for the passenger ferry and a sales-tax increase for drug treatment, but yes on property taxes for flood control. He has supported the levies for Emergency Medical Services and juvenile justice.”
  • The Seattle Times went further and said, “On a council often split 5-4, Dunn’s caution on taxes is a plus.”

The FACTS on Attendance:

  • Reagan Dunn has missed the fewest votes of any Councilmember over the past year
  • Reagan Dunn ranks second for all current Councilmembers for Council meetings attended during his current term in office
  • During the past year, no Councilmember has attended more Council meetings than Reagan Dunn
  • During Reagan Dunn’s entire time on the King County Council, he ranks second of current Council members for actual meetings attendedThe FACTS on office budgets and protecting tax dollars
  • Reagan Dunn has returned more than $97,000 of his office budget to taxpayers since he joined the County Council

The FACTS on working hard in District 9

  • Since December, Councilmember Dunn has visited every corner of District 9 and has hosted seven town hall meetings with constituents, community groups and County leaders.
  • Reagan Dunn has also delivered addresses in front of the City Councils of every city in District 9. Those cities include: Renton, Kent, Bellevue, Enumclaw, Covington, Maple Valley, Newcastle and Black Diamond. Additionally Reagan addressed and the City Council of Issaquah, as Councilmember Dunn represents the unincorporated areas immediately to the south of the City of Issaquah.
  • Every Mayor within Council District 9 knows Reagan works hard to fight for their interests and they have all endorsed his re-election.
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Reagan Dunn represents the 9th District of King County, Washington...

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