Dear Friends:

We are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. I have been honored to serve and represent the citizens of the 9th Council District on the King County Council. It has been my privilege to work on behalf of all my constituents to ensure that King County provides the services we count on every day in the most efficient manner possible.

In my time on the Council we have accomplished a lot, but the work is never done. As your Councilmember, I will continue to fight for the issues I believe in.

We are still going through some tough times and we have tough decisions ahead of us to make sure that our citizens have good jobs, safe neighborhoods, well-maintained roads, and all the services the County has committed to provide.

I will stand up for rural interests and as the only member of the Council that lives in Unincorporated King County, I will continue to be your voice. The most important function of government is to safeguard its citizens and provide well-delivered basic services. As a member of the County Council, I will continue to work every day toward keeping this commitment.

I will campaign vigorously for re-election to the King County Council and I ask for your support. Please join me in this campaign and thank you for visiting my website.



April 3, 2017

Councilmember Reagan Dunn Receives Unanimous Endorsement of Bellevue City Council

Today, Councilmember Reagan Dunn, who is running for re-election to the King County Council, proudly announced the endorsement of the entire Bellevue City Council.

Endorsing Dunn’s re-election to the King County Council are Mayor John Stokes, Deputy Mayor John Chelminiak, and Councilmembers Conrad Lee, Jennifer Robertson, Lynne Robinson, Ernie Simas and Kevin Wallace.

“Bellevue is a diverse and growing community...

March 28, 2017

Councilmember Reagan Dunn Receives Endorsements from All Current Enumclaw City Councilmembers Including Mayor

Endorsing Dunn’s re-election to the King County Council are Mayor Liz Reynolds, and Councilmembers Kimberly Lauk, Mike Sando, Chance La Fleur, Juanita Carstens, Jan Molinaro and Hoke Overland.

"Reagan understands the needs of the residents of the Enumclaw Plateau and I unequivocally support his re-election to the County Council," said Mayor Liz Reynolds.

“The Enumclaw Plat...

March 24, 2017

Councilmember Reagan Dunn Receives Endorsements from a Super Majority of Maple Valley City Councilmembers including Mayor

Councilmember Reagan Dunn announced today the backing of an overwhelming majority of Councilmembers from the City of Maple Valley.

Endorsing Dunn’s re-election to the King County Council are Mayor Sean Kelly, Deputy Mayor Dana Parnello, and Councilmembers Bill Allison, Les Burberry, Linda Johnson and Erin Weaver.

“Because of the outstanding partnership with Councilmember Dunn, The City of Maple...

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Reagan Dunn represents the 9th District of King County, Washington...

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